securityEffepierre Multiservizi Srl, is Agent and Distributor for Italy of BETTERSAFE INTERNATIONAL operating under the brand “Effepierre | Safety management” , which was added to the consolidated activities of Effepierre | Logistics. BETTERSAFE INTERNATIONAL is a global company with registered offices in the United States and in Australia, Europe and Asia. Our product offer safe solutions to prevent accidents at work, for those working in height, above the tanks, in the industrial washing and in any kind of industries.

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TRAM (Total Restraint Access Module), is the only safety system approved CE available, to safeguard workers from falls. The TRAM system can be used in a myriad of applications, from ISO Tanks to Wind Turbine Nacelles. With its unique fall prevention methodology it is by far one of the safest forms of fall protection in the market for many applications … Here is available our brochure with all the details of the case. Since the end of 2011, one new innovative product has been added to the portfolio, the superb T-LINE. Another important tool for the safety of those working at heights on construction sites, factories, and all those plants where necessary to operate suspended several meters in height. For more info contact write us to or contact us on +39 02 91080147. Effepierre Multiservizi… toward excellence.